Open Source Jam - Google Zurich

Last Thursday (Oct 2), I happened to be there at Google office in Zurich, Switzerland for the 'Zurich Open Source Jam' event, for just a couple of hours and also got to see the office, which is said to be one of the best places to work (with all the work done and the facilities/benefits provided). Its also said to be the Google's biggest R&D centre, outside US of A.

I spent a couple of hours there, listening to the presentations given by a couple of other developers from Zurich and its surroundings. I haven't been to many events like that before and so, I planned on this event and also thought of spending the weekend, looking around Zurich and some other places in Switzerland and Liechenstein (although it was my third entry into Switzerland).

I started working early in the morning, on Thursday (Oct 2) and took off from work in the afternoon (Friday was a holiday, as it was German Re-Unification Day) and set off to Zurich, by the German ICE train. After reachin' Zurich, I went directly to the Google office, with my huge backpack. After checkin' in and signin' an NDA, I was there for a couple or hours, listening to the presentations given by a couple of developers. It was ok, nothing interesting. I just thought that it would be a nice experience and will get to know what other guys are tryin' to do and get to know the perspective and come up with my own ideas (if any) and try to do something. I'm more interested in the math, algorithms, Java, AJAX, js, scripting languages or any other creative stuff.

Most of the guys who attended were pretty young. Some are studying at ETH Univ, Zurich and some are working. After the event, I got to see the Google Zurich Office and the extra things offered there. Michael Haselmann (Zoogler - who works there) guided us through all this stuff. He's a pleasant guy, with a smile always. Good to see relaxed people like that (specially, in the German world) ;-). Apart from this, I also saw the display screen, at the reception, which shows all the 'Google Search Queries' that are fired by different people across the world. If you happen to be there, you can probably see some funny/weird/naive queries on the screen.

Taking pics inside the office is prohibited, but there are numerous sources on the internet, from where you can check how the 'Zurich Google Office' looks like. Here's one of those links:

Google Office - Zurich

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